Real Estate Buyers Services

We handle every last detail of closings.

Goldman Law Offices specializes in residential real estate closings for Buyers throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Goldman Law Offices handles the nuances of all residential closings, including financed purchases; cash deals; equity lines of credit; new construction closings; and short-sale or foreclosed purchases.

Goldman Law Offices understands how important the closing process is to you and your family. Attorney Goldman will work with you from the initial Offer through the Closing and every step in between.

For Buyers Attorney Goldman reviews the Offer; reviews and negotiates the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement; monitors important time sensitive dates; prepares the Buyer for their closing; reviews Seller’s Deed; coordinates and conducts the Closing; and prepares Declaration of Homestead Affidavits.

Buyer Services Offered:

  • Free initial consultation at convenient times and locations.
  • Preparation and negotiation of the Offer and Purchase and Sale Agreement to best protect your interests.
  • Coordinate and conduct Closing for Buyer and Buyer’s Lender.
  • Property title examinations conducted in all registries of deeds in Mass and NH.
  • Review and explain the mortgage process and related forms.
  • Address disputes with the Seller that may arise during the closing process.
  • Review and explain the closing documents including the Buyers Closing Disclosure.
  • Prepare and file Buyer’s Massachusetts Declaration of Homestead Affidavit.
  • Handle “unique” purchases, e.g.  short-sale purchases; relocation purchases; new construction purchases; foreclosed or distressed property purchases.

Closing Fees

Fees & Pre-Paid Items Estimated Fees Description
Settlement & Legal Fee $650-$950 Fee paid to Lender’s attorney to do title work on property and conduct closing.
Title Examination $175-$275 Fee paid for a 50-year search of public records related to the property being conveyed.
Plot Plan $150-$200 A Lender required drawing identifying the property’s boundaries and building location and any encroachments.
Municipal Lien Certificate $25-$65 Certificate obtained from Massachusetts city or town that identifies tax payment information and is recorded at closing.
Recording Fees $400-$500 Fees paid to the Registry of Deeds to record Deed, Mortgage and other title-related documents.
Purchase & Sale Review $0-$400 Cost to review and negotiate P&S.  When allowed, Goldman Law Offices, P.C. waive this fee when conducting closing for Buyer’s Lender.
Title Insurance- Lender’s Policy Email us for a quote. Cost of premium to insure Lender from title defects/issues. The fee is determined by the loan amount.
Title Insurance- Owner’s Policy Email us for a quote. Cost of premium to insure Owner from title defects/issues. The fee is determined by the purchase price.